Homes Available for Sale


Our site planning committee is working hard with our architecture firm and cohousing consultants to design our homes. Homes range from 1-2 bedrooms, with additional "flex rooms" that can be utilized as an additional bedroom or opened up to create more space.  Current members are reserving their homes and participating in the neighborhood and home design.  8 of the available 26 units have been claimed at this point. Join us today and find your dream home in this community.  Investing now, will save on the final cost of your home. 

Here is a listing of the types of units you can purchase and how many of each.  These are also subject to change (but likely not by much):

6 of Unit A - 913 sf - 1 story
6 of Unit B - 1207 sf - 1 story
4 of Unit C - 1407 sf - 2 story
4 of Unit D - 1628 sf - 2 story
4 of Unit E - 728 sf- Loft apartment above its garage

Additionally there will be:

1 Common House - 2995 sf - 1 story
1 Workshop - 900 sf - 1 story
1 Gazebo - to be built by members

And as for parking and storage:

6 garages w/storage under units E (included in price of unit)
20 separate garages w/storage - one for each of Units A, B, C and D (included in price of unit)
15 carports - for unit owners with a second car (purchased separately)
21 open parking spaces for guests and residents

Floor Plans!

Below is an image gallery of current floor plans. Scroll through to view the floor plans for the units (more to come!). They are nearly finalized, although members and explorers continue to provide feedback as designs evolve.