September Update


The local cottonwood and aspen leaves are beginning to turn their vibrant yellow. Also, the scrub oaks are taking on their fall colors and creating that we locals call the “magic carpet” on the mountain sides of our valley.

Each day the colors become more intense and varied . . . a true sight to behold!  Meanwhile Alpenglow CoHousing has several important dates, one with Ridgway Town Council on Sept.13th and another with Ridgway 

Planning Commission, on Sept. 26th, to have our sketch plan evaluated.  About 25 people from Ouray County and beyond joined Alpenglow CoHousing members on September 7 for Alpenglow CoHousing Information Night at the Ridgway Town Hall.. We received many positive comments about our site plans and vision for our community. Several guests indicated they would like to attend an Alpenglow CoHousing meeting to learn more.  The group also invited feedback from the community so that voices can be heard during this planning time.  

Nicole Greene