January Update

2018 is here and it is time to roll up our sleeves and dig into the actual design of the homes.  Our architecture firm has been patiently listening to the priorities of the community, integrating our ideas into the proposed layouts of the homes.  We will be posting these layouts as they become more finalized. Another exciting development is the growing number of visitors to our meetings.  It has been a joy to meet new people that share a similar interest in cooperative living.   Stay in the loop via Facebook and our Newsletter.  If you have not yet signed up for our newsletter, please do! Below are just some of the inclusions that have been important to our group.  There are other aspects, such as solar, that we are also working on. Until next time! 

 • Energy-efficient • Low maintenance finishes • Sustainable, healthy construction • In-floor heat • Privacy and Sunlight: High quality windows and doors; Duplexes instead of apartment-type buildings • Energy-efficient LED lighting • Vaulted high-ceiling spaces • Porches, patios, decks; covered outdoors space • Share of common house, workshop, outdoor spaces and landscaping • Cohousing Community aspects = support, safety, walkability, shared meals & activities • Common maintenance with HOA  • Garage & storage

Christi Strickland