February Update

February has been a month full of designing units with our architecture firm and putting together the indoor floor plan for our common house.  The common house will have a first-rate kitchen, a dining room for sharing  meals, a cozy library and den, exercise room, craft room, space for guests and even space to give your pet a bath!  We are envisioning a porch that extends the dining room - with the magnificent views we all love.  It has been fun and inspirational to dig into these designs and it balances out the hard work of sorting out budgets and putting together marketing materials.  

For this month's update, we also wanted to write a piece about the town of Ridgway for our growing community of interested people who live outside of the area.  Not long ago folks began noticing brightly colored, uniquely shaped, benches in downtown Ridgway and wondered about them.  Well, they signify the expanding identity of our little mountain town. Ridgway has long been known as a center of ranching in this part of Colorado. Recently, it is also becoming known as a creative place where one can linger and have an inspiring, beautiful and fun time enjoying the alley art, decorative outdoor lighting, and outdoor sculptures, including the new benches which are fashioned out of repurposed propane tanks - salvaged, reclaimed, recycled and locally manufactured. What ranch doesn’t have at least one old rusty propane tank sitting on its property?  They speak to designs and components that fit Ridgway’s character as an innovative, community-oriented, creative place.  Ridgway is a great place to be as it becomes a favored location for artists, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, and telecommuters, as well as ranchers!

Christi Strickland