April Update

It didn't take much of an invitation from Mother Nature to inspire us to get back into our backyard, the San Juan Mountains. Thanks to a very mild winter we are able to get to trailheads in April that often aren't accessible until June. If you like to hike and love the mountains, there's no place like home in Ridgway. We're also dragging out kayaks and canoes to float down the Uncompahgre River and paddle around Ridgway Reservoir. So come join the party!

Several of us made it to the Colorado Regional Cohousing Conference in Boulder...it was anything but “regional” with both coasts well represented and even a guest from Mexico. We learned much from workshops such as “How to Market, Design a Common House, Making Cohousing Affordable” to “Attracting Diversity,  Dealing with Difficult Situations and Building Net Zero.”

As we close in on our final home and common house designs, this info has proven invaluable. We hope to have the final house floor plans completed within the next week or so and the floor plan for the Common House should finalized within the next couple of weeks. Needless to say we all have our individual preferences and developing these has provided numerous opportunities on working together as a community! As the saying goes, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

If you want more information please contact us at info@alpenglow.org.

Christi Strickland