July Update


July has been a month of hosting visitors to the Alpenglow site, as well as ongoing refining of site and floor plans.  Meeting so many interesting people has continued to grow the excitement in the group - with this anticipation of who all of our neighbors will be.  Visits have often included sharing floor plans over a chai at the coffee shop followed by walking people down the railroad grade that runs through the middle of the land, as we visualize where homes and the common house will spring to life.   

July  is always an exciting month for music lovers in Ridgway. A much-anticipated free concert series is held each Thursday evening in Hartwell Park, across the street from our Alpenglow property, from 6 PM until dark. In addition to two different bands playing each night, delicious local food and regionally crafted beers are offered for sale. These family-friendly concerts include a kids' area with activities to keep the young ones entertained so their parents can enjoy themselves.  We have had a pretty great month "dancing on the green."

And speaking of anticipation, The Ouray County Performing Arts Guild offers a classical music festival featuring Max Levinson and Friends in August each year. 2018 is the 35th anniversary of this well-regarded festival. For more information and tickets for this year’s festival, visit www.ocpag.org.  If you love classical music then August could be a great month for you to meet up with the group! There is still plenty of summer left, as well as the amazing fall colors and weather ahead, if your are thinking of making a trip out.

Photo Credit: John Clark

Christi Strickland