August Update

This month has been about community in so many ways.  We participated in the Ridgway Rendezvous, which is an annual arts and crafts festival that draws vendors and visitors from around the country.  It was great fun to meet new faces and share about cohousing.  Many had already heard of it, but to many it was a new and intriguing idea. This August we continued to host visitors to our site and group, and we anticipate many more as the fall colors start to emerge.  Perhaps most importantly we hosted a fellow cohouser who has an expertise in creating cohousing communities.  She helped us update what we have been calling our Path to Membership - which basically means "Steps to Reserve a Home."  We are creating a simplified process that we think will help even more people to jump in.  So stay tuned for that!  This visit also reminded us that being part of cohousing is also being part of an incredible movement to build neighborhoods across the country - where people support one another, care for the Earth through thoughtful designs, collaborate through decisions, and together bring more kindness into the world.  A great way to live!      

Christi Strickland