raising a family in ridgway

Ridgway is a wonderful place to raise a family.  This page is still under construction, but we wanted to be sure to start sharing information that may be useful for families considering raising their children within a cohousing environment and in Ouray County.  

Learn more about Ridgway School District here:  Ridgway  Schools

Ridgway is lucky to also be the home of Voyager Youth Program.  This is the program's mission, as written on their website: 

Our Mission: Voyager Youth Program seeks to inspire Ouray County's youth to achieve healthy lives through our prevention education programs and enrichment activities with a purpose. We work in partnership with local schools and the larger community to create an environment in which youth will thrive.

Link here to learn more about Voyager:  Voyager Youth Program.

Across the street from the Alpenglow neighborhood is Hartwell Park.  The park hosts not only our farmer's market and music festivals, but a great play ground for the neighborhood kids.  

Raising a family within a cohousing environment

At the risk of being too cliche - it does seem to take a village to raise a child.  "A village" is one way to describe cohousing.  Further, multigenerational settings bring together elders and children, to the benefit of everyone involved.  Many parents speak to the immeasurable support of living in cohousing while raising children - from just that extra set of eyes around the neighborhood to nearby babysitters, to teaching your children about the value of kind community.  

Here is a wonderful article on the power of raising a child in community:  We are Wired to Raise Children in Community  

And last but not least, we invite you to check out this video.  While not about cohousing per se, it is about moms in Australia who are creating teams to help out with parenting.  So really wherever you live, if you are a parent, you might get some good ideas from this video.  Hint: the first four minutes might just make your day: