Steps to Reserve a Home


Wondering how to get involved? There are several ways to stay in touch and build your connection to this project. Maybe you simply want to find out more or perhaps you already know that you would like to live in cohousing . Wherever you are in the process, we are excited to get to know you. Here is a basic overview of how you can jump in.

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get connected

Do you have questions and want to meet the group? We can connect you with one of our members to help answer questions. You can also join us for meetings and events. We love to meet new people, hear your suggestions, and learn what interests you in cohousing.  Get started today by sending us an email through our contact form.


reserve a home

People are reserving their homes now, providing input on design, and making investments towards the construction of the neighborhood. The sooner you are able to get started, the higher priority you have in home selection and all investments go towards the cost of your home. Here is how it works!

1. Become an Explorer: $200 will secure your place in line for a home and you will officially become one of our Explorer Members.   We will hold your seniority for a home reservation for 2 months from that point.  This secures your place in line for choosing which home of the remaining unpurchased homes you would like to select.  It also gives you time to decide if you would like to become a "Full Member" without losing your place in line.  Please note that this is non-refundable, but the $200 does apply to your Full Membership described below (if applied within the 2 months). We can also use these 2 months to get to know one another, share all about cohousing and living in Ridgway, and help insure that this is the right step for you.

2. Become a Full Member: $1,500 deposit makes you a Full Member - which basically means YES! you would like to live here and are ready and able to participate in investing in your home.   In preparation for this, we will go over all the financials and investment schedule with you so you can make sure that this is the right step for you.
It really is that simple!  Throughout the process, our goal is to listen to your interests and concerns, to learn what you are looking for in a home and in a neighborhood.  Your input will be part of the development, as the projects evolves and grows closer to "breaking ground" (Next Spring!).  

Why invest now? The sooner you jump in, the higher priority you have in selecting your home. Early investors will also see a higher return on their payments towards their home.  And, you can feel the pride and beauty of creating this neighborhood that will be gift to Ridgway for generations to come.