Alpenglow: An Intentional Neighborhood

Ours is designed as an intentional neighborhood; that means our residents are there for each other to celebrate the good times and to be present and helpful during the difficult times. We nurture cooperative living and sustainable, harmonious relations with our environment. Why have 26 lawnmowers (or jeeps, or kayaks, or snowblowers…) when you don’t use them all the time and can just as easily share one? Alpenglow is about combining the autonomy of private homes with the advantages of community living in a ‘’resident friendly” setting.   Our community is located walking distance to everything in town and within a short drive of so many incredible outdoor activities. We also will have views of two mountain ranges — the Cimarrons to our east (you see them on our website’s main page) and the San Juans to our south. We hope that this attracts you so that you will contact us about joining. Below is the site plan of the entire community and its location in Ridgway. The homes are protected from the main road by a part of our land that will be sold for commercial use (restaurants, shops, etc.) and road access. Most garages are located near the famous Chipeta Spa and Lodge. Nearby are parks for walking dogs, playing fields and even a pickleball court!



Neighborhood Design

When designing this cohousing community we have come up with a plan the group feels excited about and proud of.  Working with our local architectural firm, Conterra Workshop, we have envisioned a neighborhood of 26 units, anchored by the Common House. Units will be designed as duplexes, with thought towards energy saving balanced with privacy and unique views.  6 of the smaller units will be placed over garages.  The rest of the garages are on the edges of the neighborhood.  It is traditional within cohousing to minimize vehicle traffic.  Carports will also be available for those who wish to purchase one for a second car.   The central parkway will be accessible for moving vans and emergency vehicles.  The landscape will generally be xeroscape, with plenty of opportunities to gardening for the green thumbs in the group.  A workshop and bicycle racks will be additional amenities within the neighborhood.  We have formed a Limited Liability Company in which members own their own homes and all collectively own the land and the Common House—the heart of a cohousing community.

So where is Ridgway? We are nestled in a valley at the Northern edge of the majestic San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains. 10 miles away is Ouray, the Jeep Capital of the United States and it is only 40 miles to Telluride Ski Resort. There is an airport served by major airlines in Montrose, which is 25 miles north. Montrose has a hospital and great healthcare facilities—though Ridgway has wonderful clinics too. Within a few hours you can get to Moab, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Grand Junction, Durango, the Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park. We are about 6 hours from Denver as well as Salt Lake City.

In terms of our property location, you will have to use a bit of imagination.  Using the map below, we own the unmarked open space that is South of Sherman, East of Railroad St. and Cimmarron Coffee and Books, West of the Adobe Inn and Alpine Bank, and (mostly) North of Cottowood Creek.  The land actually continues south of Cottonwood (the creek that you see branching off of the Uncompahgre) and we will be building a bridge across the culvert.  If it is hard to visualize, not to worry - come for a visit and tour of the  land and we can show you where the homes will be.  


Alpenglow Cohousing Land: This View looks South toward the San Juan range of the rocky mountains — It will be our homes’ view and that of the common house.