An Intentional Neighborhood

Ours will be an intentional neighborhood where we have people who we can celebrate with in good times and who we can count on in hard times. We intend to live cooperatively and sustainably, sharing resources as we care for each other and the environment. Combining the autonomy of private homes with the advantages of community living in a ‘’resident friendly” setting, we plan to create a socially and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and cluster our homes around a Common House. Our founding members came together in 2016 to plan a multi-generational cohousing neighborhood within walking distance of the amenities of Ridgway.  This is the neighborhood design that has been approved by the town of Ridgway.  


Neighborhood Design


Welcoming You

We welcome members who wish to contribute their ideas, energy and talents to our in-progress cohousing project. Alpenglow Cohousing has purchased four and one-half acres near the Uncompahgre River with stunning views of the San Juan mountains.  All of Ridgway's amenities are a short walk from the site. 


Our Vision

Working with a local architectural firm, we are now in the site planning and design process.  We envision a neighborhood of 24 units, anchored by the Common House. Units will be designed as duplexes, with thought towards energy saving balanced with privacy and unique views.  We have formed a Limited Liability Company in which members own their own homes and all collectively own the land.   We make decisions by group consensus in an atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion.