There is no single physical element more important to the health and success of a cohousing community than the Common House. It is where the community comes together to share meals. Play together. Work together. Celebrate birthdays. Have coffee and tea together. Share how the day has gone in the evening. Watch sunrises and sunsets. Feel the snow fall and fire's warmth. It is where people actual bump into each other and have conversations face-to-face. It is, as one of our members has said, “Where 'neighbor' gets put back into neighborhood.” It is literally the heart of any cohousing community.


The Floor plan

This floor plan was developed by our architecture firm, Conterra Workshop.  We have planned a house that is large enough to comfortably accommodate meals and meetings of the entire community, while having places for smaller more intimate gatherings such as book clubs and meditation groups.  The porch wraps around the south end,  and was thoughtfully desiged to make the most of our views to the south.   Amenities include:

  • A roomy kitchen that opens right into our dining area where we can all gather for meals

  • Den with a fireplace for reading, meditating, and smaller gatherings

  • Guest room to accommodate visiting friends and families

  • Exercise room

  • Laundry and a mud room/dog wash – complete with a raised dog wash station!

  • Flex room set up with shelves for crafts

To Learn more about the vision and value of the common house within cohousing communities, here is a useful article:

Designing a Common House to Feel Like Home

And we highly recommend this PBS Newshour Special on Cohousing.  Not only does it offer a feel for the Common House environment, but it speaks to the value of multigenerational communities.  Enjoy!